Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Backup Xbox 360 Games

Have you ever wondered how to easily backup Xbox 360 games? Well Game Copy Wizard is the tool of your dreams. As a frequent gamer I'm forever borrowing my friends games and we often swap games to keep things interesting and fun. I'm sure you know what I'm talking about here. But until a short while ago making an Xbox 360 game backup used to be a nightmare/nearly impossible. But things have changed :)!

Why I think Game Copy Wizard is the near perfect tool to backup Xbox 360 games:

Since discovering Game Copy Wizard I have saved a ton of money which is perhaps the biggest reason I love the tool so much. I no longer need to buy every game that is released on the market - you should see my collection - but now my buddies and I swap games with our cunning plan. See, we discuss who buys what to make sure none of us ends up with a double-buy.

Therefore we all save money because now we can make an Xbox 360 game backup on the fly and other backups with ANY game, even those who supposedly are locked or protected. Psst, don't tell...

Game Copy Wizard also lets me play backup Xbox 360 games but it doesn't stop there. I can backup any system game currently on the market. This includes games from:

-Xbox 360
-Nintendo Wii

After clicking a few buttons on the software, you will have a perfectly fresh/working backup.

Never lose a favorite game thanks to backups:

Another feature of the GCW is the fact that this software allows me to easily backup my games, regardless of the system used. I now no longer experience my previous frustrating moments when I wanted to backup a game with other software on the market but it wouldn't work due to lack of updates.

Making an Xbox 360 game backup has become the easiest thing under the sun since I own my own copy of Game Copy Wizard.

Game copy wizard only cost 29.99 which is fairly cheap for the quality of the program. Many similar software's run from 50-150 dollars.

Another fact many of my friends didn't know is that this wizardry gadget can also backup movies and music DVDs and CDs. I can now backup Xbox 360 games with ease while being able to play them time again whenever my buddies and I get together - which is like several times a week.

How would you like to have a perfectly working xbox copy in 5 minutes from now? Well Copy Xbox Games here! I have tried and tested many game copy softwares and left an indept review of game copy wizard on the website below